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The High Cost of Mental Health Disorders

Garen Staglin is co-Founder and Board Chairman of One Mind and OneMindatWork ,non-profits committed to research and advocacy of brain health and behavioral treatments.( ( 

At their September 2018 Annual Conference, a number of great papers were presented, and one of the stand-outs was Dr. Deb Lerner et al atTufts Medical Center Program on Health, Work and Productivity.

That white paper, “The High Cost of Mental Disorders: Facts for Employers, ” takes the rigorous academic studies on global depression and otherbehavioral health disorders, and lays out the impact on employers. ( uploads/2018/12/Updated-OMI-White-Paper-R18.pdf) 

Specifically, the study shows how mental health issues cuts across occupations, how traumatic events, mental health treatment and relatedproductivity costs make behavioral issues the highest category of medical cost for employers, and how employers can calculate the costs ofdepression in their organizations.( 

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