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In our new world of COVID, most people and organizations are working to be resilient, maintain hope, and fight the pandemic with their unique resources. The folks at Wellness Checkpoint® are working too, applying their 30 years providing health assessments for hundred employees. Specific to this challenging time, they have developed a new behaviorally-focused mobile app, Resilience CheckpointTM , to help folks bolster their resilience. Resilience Checkpoint helps individuals and program managers quantify resilience and take action to strengthen it by: 

  • reminding employees of their personal and company values, as well as resilience-related resources (EAP, seminars, wellness coaching, etc there use
  • rating employee perceptions of their personal resilience (bounce back capabilities) and outlining steps they can take to improve it 
  • providing a ‘population health’ view of the workforce and identifying business units or locations where additional resilience training or co
  • extending other features of the Wellness Checkpoint tool including Well-Being Age, Habit Tracking, Personal Planning, Highlight Cards, a

Global Care Experts is proud to work with the team at Wellness Checkpoint and help extend this valuable resource to help individuals and organ stronger in the face of the COVID crisis.