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October 30, 2019 David Levine 0 Comments

InfoTech Forum – London

I was pleased to participate in InfoTech’s Executive User Forum this week. About 30 customers convened at beautiful Canada House on Trafalgar Square to share to their experiences with Wellness Checkpoint. Pictured here are IBM’s Health Promotion Manager, Jonathan Gelfand, and Patric Traut, Health Promotion lead for IBM EMEA. They along with Dr. Jorge Morales, P&G LatAm, and Dr. David Brown, CIBC, shared how Wellness Checkpoint is used in their organizations.

Early data were shared on the NOM-035 psycho/social risk regulations from Mexico’s Ministry of Labor, effective just this week. Also prominent was InfoTech’s founder and CEO, Zorianna Hyworon, who I joined in a view of trends and research in global wellbeing. However, the real power of the forum was in the many customer stories on how WellnessCheckpoint engages employees to influence individual and organizational health. Thanks to the thoughtful contributions!