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Health Assessments & Client-specific Referrals

Employers can address wellbeing issues before a crisis occurs with our suite of personal assessments—integrated and branded to customer specs into our multi-language, client-specific Healthtek mobile app.  Wellness Checkpoint® is a science-based assessment offered in 26 languages and provides individualized feedback identifying health risks and measures including resiliency, psychological wellbeing, financial health, and organizational risks.  Our De-Stress Rx is a brief but effective tool; a personality inventory of just four questions providing immediate feedback to users on their unique style and how to work most effectively given their style.  And, immediate client-specific resources can be offered based on the assessment and the employers' benefits to educational content, EAPs, online counseling, and  more.  Refined from decades or research-backed experience, both Wellness Checkpoint and De-Stress Rx not only provide engaging individual feedback, but they integrate with other EAP and wellness services and deliver powerful organization-level reports on a population's health profile and trends.