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Most of us have embraced the fact that the pandemic has both 1) taken a toll on our mental health and 2) increased awareness of the importance of mental wellbeing.  Measuring the engagement, frequency, and impact on workforce wellbeing is another matter, but good data

October 10, 2021 David Levine 2

If it wasn’t clear already, the publicity around World Mental Health Day 2021 brought home the point—Covid-19 has increased the awareness and recognition of mental health.  Up until early 2020, most organizational leaders focused on the impact on mental health in terms of employee productivity,

The field of workplace-based employee support has evidenced clear evolution over the past 50 years—from occupational alcoholism to a “broad brush” focus on psycho/social issues, and gatekeeper of mental health benefits to the integration of work/life, wellness, and organizational health.  However, none of the evolution

The US presidential election and recent insurrection at the capitol have forced a reflection on values—particularly in the context of the COVID losses and heightened racial unrest. As dark and upsetting a period as this has been, it has also surfaced discussions on basic values

As George Floyd is laid to rest, his murder is awful to try absorb—the immediate loss and the generations of losses and discrimination itrepresents. We empathize with crises of injustice in other states and countries, and shake our heads at immoral behavior. But, when a

In our new world of COVID, most people and organizations are working to be resilient, maintain hope, and fight the pandemic with their unique resources. The folks at Wellness Checkpoint® are working too, applying their 30 years providing health assessments for hundred employees. Specific to

The COVID-19 pandemic is a danger that impacts all of us and requires adjustments in nearly every corner of the globe. Although mostcountries have limited travel and have implemented social distancing policies and protocols, the human side of the required adjustments is abig challenge for

November 26, 2019 David Levine 0 Comments

At the EAPA Global Conference in Minneapolis, October 2018, a presentation on EAP outcomes was the talk of the conference. Thatpresentation, “EAP Outcomes, Critical Incident Effectiveness Measures and EAP Product Extension ” was done by EAPA CEO Greg DeLapp, along with Dave Sharar, Mark Attridge,Barbara

November 9, 2019 David Levine 0 Comments

On November 4, Global Care Experts presented the advantages of workplace-focused crisis response and counseling services to about 100HR representatives of area employers and members of Index Juárez Maquiladora Association. The timing of the presentation was prompted by recognized needs of this community, as well

October 30, 2019 David Levine 0 Comments

I was pleased to participate in InfoTech’s Executive User Forum this week. About 30 customers convened at beautiful Canada House on Trafalgar Square to share to their experiences with Wellness Checkpoint. Pictured here are IBM’s Health Promotion Manager, Jonathan Gelfand, and Patric Traut, Health Promotion

Congratulations to our colleague Dirk Antonissen of Pulso Europe for his EAPA recognition for global contributions to workplace-based employee support. Pictured here is Dirk at the podium accepting his award from Employee Assistance Professionals Association CEO, Greg DeLapp. Dirk showed characteristic humility in thanking his

July 22, 2019 - Our prayers and condolences are focused today on the 33 deaths and other serious injuries related to the murderous fire set ablaze at Kyoto Animation Studio in Japan (#PrayForKyoAni).  Any such a tragedy is disturbing, and even more so when it

Annual EAEF Conference held in Paris last week addressed the question, “what’s love got to do with it?” Scientists, researchers, and practitioners from EMEA and around the globe answered the question. It’s clear positive psychology, engaged work relationships, and compassionate organizational cultures lead to healthy

… and the Role of Employee Assistance Programs. Dr. Mark Attridge has been one of the most consistent researches in EAP and behavioral health over the past decade. One of his most recentprojects is published in the American Journal of Health Promotion April 2019 titled:

Stephen Page at Lockton Consulting published a clear article entitled, “Duty of care: Protecting traveling employees ” in April 2018. The piece does agreat job of outlining the requirements employers have in assuring the safety and health of their international assignees and how somepractical steps

Garen Staglin is co-Founder and Board Chairman of One Mind and OneMindatWork ,non-profits committed to research and advocacy of brain health and behavioral treatments.( (  At their September 2018 Annual Conference, a number of great papers were presented, and one of the stand-outs was Dr.